Where’s the “wow!” in websites anymore?!

Having been in the business of building websites for over 20 years, we are partial to the “wow” experience here at Inveniv. The typical modern website has smartly invested in content efficiency, accessibility and personalization. Though one would hope that there would still be a little room left to make the user experience more enjoyable. Specialized interactive elements that support the company’s vision, provide value towards gaining new business and (where possible) delight the visitor — seem to have completely disappeared from most (if not all) mainstream websites.

A recent observation:

On September 12, 2018, Apple announced a series of new devices including the Apple Watch Series 4. Almost immediately, Apple’s website was updated with the latest-greatest information and product glamor shots - along with a painfully basic eCommerce page.

Previous to this launch, Apple had developed an interactive a designer tool that allowed you to select a model - band and even try out one of the many watch faces before moving you along to the shopping cart. The tool was simple, yet it had character and function. It was a great way to accurately visualize the device in a number of configurations. Between the selections of finishes, bands and faces - there are literally hundreds of options to explore. If you would like to see what this configurator looked like, I was able to find a cached link to the configurator here.


When you visit the Apple Watch “configurator” today, you are presented with a very linear experience. Select a few search filters which will display a number of options. Make a selection and “BUY NOW!”. This new user flow is void of any personalization or flexibility. To explore all of the available options now you would need to click through the dozens and dozens of bands and envision what it would look like with your new watch.

Our view…

It’s a huge mistake. Providing an engaging, memorable digital experience keeps visitors returning and increases the likelihood of sharing what they found with friends and colleagues. Visitors want a significant amount of information when they visit a site. Having the ability to explore and experience solutions in an exciting and informative way will undoubtedly build trust and convert more business.