Adobe’s Buy, Buy, Buy Strategy

Adobe's Buying Spree

If you’re in the market for a new marketing and CRM platform to manage your campaigns, lead nurturing, social media, ad buys, website, blog, sales pipeline - just basically all of your Digital Marketing — well, the heat is on to capture your business. Each of the biggest players have their calling card. HubSpot with the über-comprehensive suite of smart marketing tools (and free Sales CRM) to SalesForce and their industry standard CRM platform enhanced through a massive community marketplace. Now, these big players need to make room for one more behemoth… So, move over HubSpot and SalesForce — Adobe would like the big seat at the table!

Our technology partner, Jason MacEntee with Digital Mettle, recently unearthed a trend over at Adobe. Adobe, who’s known for their Creative Cloud software suite, essentially owns the creative professionals market. They really have no competition with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. Now, the would really like to own a bigger piece of the Marketing industry. They have tried for years to crack into the marketing management and automation industry with no real luck. It seems, however, that they intend to change all that with their recent acquisition of Marketo. If “ye ole” acquisition pattern persists, Adobe will most likely trash the Marketo platform and migrate all of Marketo’s core user base into a new offering.

This news is pretty actually big in the world of Marketing Software. Adobe is striving to compete head-to-head with SalesForce’s Pardot, HubSpot, MailChimp, Bronto, ActOn - and the countless others out there.

As you can see, Adobe has gone on quite the buying spree in the marketing automation space since late 2016. Combine all of these moves together and you will get a clear picture of where they are headed as a business. In our perspective, the acquisition of Magento and Marketo had a fairly solid foothold in this space - and are both pretty big deals.

  1. Adobe Buys Magento for $1.68 Billion to Target E-Commerce  May 21, 2018

  2. Adobe to Acquire Marketo September 20, 2018 Combination of Adobe Experience Cloud and Marketo Engagement Platform Widens Adobe’s Lead in Customer Experience Across B2C and B2B

  3. Uru Acquired by Adobe May 3 2018  Uru used computer vision to allow brands to seamlessly place advertisements into video.

  4. Adobe acquires Sayspring in voice technology, AI push April 17, 2018  The startup’s voice technologies may be used for voice commands in digital creative products

  5. Adobe wants to bring its AI smarts to email marketing campaigns August 29 2017 Adobe announced a number of new capabilities for its Adobe Campaign email marketing tools.

  6. Adobe Takes Strides to be The Next AI Master – Or Should We Say Sensei May 31st, 2018 While you may know Adobe for its Creative Cloud, the hope of CEO Shantanu Narayen is that you will soon know Adobe as an artificial intelligence powerhouse

  7. Adobe Seeks Respect for New Artificial Intelligence Tech November 2, 2016 Add Adobe Systems to the list of software companies proclaiming themselves to be artificial intelligence powers.